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Jorie Morrow – Actor

Jorie Morrow

Jorie is a professional actor and producer in stage, film and radio. She is thrilled to be working with the wonderful Mervin Fick and all of the amazing artists at Toronto Beach Chorale. Recently, she performed in the award winning  radio play Out At School with Gailey Rd. Productions. This verbatim play details the experiences of Queer families in the provincial education system. Jorie is also a  proud member of the ACT 3 Theatre Collective and performed at the AKI Studio theatre in March/2021 on new works written and performed by the female membership showcasing the diverse voices of older women in our society.  She will be co-writing and co-performing a new play in the Toronto Fringe Festival at the Performing Arts Lodge in Toronto this summer with ACT 3 Collective. For several years, she was a guest speaker-host for Aboriginal voices radio in the show, The Women’s Roundtable.

When not on stage, she is a certified mindfulness meditation coach for performance based artists and works as a social worker/therapist in mental health.  This performance is dedicated to Bob. Please sit back and enjoy the show!